Paradigm Pookling™
(aka Mother Goose, Mrs. Pookie Claus, Mama Pook)

Among all the wise and wonderful women of Pookland, none are more loved and respected than the Matriarch of the Pookling Clan hers'Elf, Paradigm Pookling. Though also sometimes known as Mother Goose for the special rapport she has with children, Paradigm is most often lovingly referred to by all as 'Mama Pook'.

Now Mama Pook knows that philosphy and high ritual are all well and good in their place, but she is keenly aware that nothing can take the place of good old fashioned, down-to-earth Faerie Wisdom, the kind that's of real practical use down here in the dirt where we all live. With this she ensures her household runs as smoothly as clockwork.. well, as smoothly as is possible when one's life is lived on Faerie Time, which has actually been known to cause normal clocks to run backwards, or even sideways!

Of course keeping things running smoothly is not always so easy with Old Papa Paradox around, who is always trying to sneak a piece of pie from the kitchen, or trying out some new wizardly formula (often with explosive results). And then he often forgets to lock a cage or pen, so that various members of their menagerie of beasts and critters are found roaming the house and laying eggs in the laundry basket.

Still, you can't really blame the Old Pook for wanting to sneak some pie, for Mama Pook is world reknowned for her award winning recipes and the delicious dishes she cooks up in the Pookaburrow Kitchen. All the little Pookling Children dearly love her famous Pookberry Pies (and so, obviously, does Paradox), and her Twistyroot Mash with mushroom cheese and Faerie Bread are the best in all the Seven Kingdoms.

Yes if it weren't for Mama Pook, the Faerie World would most suredly be a less brighter place, certainly less tasty. Mama Pook's Holly Day cookies, cakes, pies, and pastries are always the hit of the Winter Solstice gatherings. All the young Pookling Maidens know to come to her for advice on matters of the heart, or on how to snare that dashing young Pookling Prince. The Pook Mothers all know who to turn to in their fullness of time, or when a little baby pook needs some looking after and tending to. The truth is, Old Paradox just wouldn't know what to do without her, and of course neither would we.


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