Paradox Pookling™
(aka Santa "Pookie" Claus, the Hogfather, the Old Pook)

At the head of the High Council of Pookling Elders sits Paradox Pookling, the wisest old Sage of them all. Even though his name is known throughout the land, he is most loved and revered by all as 'the Old Pook'.
Every year on Winter Solstice Eve all the little Pookling children gather around the bonfire in the village square, and the Old Pook arrives in his cart laden with bundles of gifts for everyone! What is the Old Pook's secret? Where does he get all these magical gifts?
Well it's really no secret at all: for when the world turns to the Dark half of the year, the Old Pook simply sends out his call into the Wyldewood, and the kindhearted faerie spirits of the Wylde reply with overflowing gifts of Love and Joy. The Old Pook then takes these gifts and adds a bit of his own magic and spice and stirs it all together, so that on Solstice Eve there are sure to be plenty of wonderful presents for all the wide-eyed pookie children, and lots of pookling laughter like tinkling chimes in the Winter wind to celebrate the return of the Sun.


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