"You are living your dreams right now. If you wish to change your life, you must first change your dreams."
~ Paradox Pookling, aka Santa "Pookie" Claus, the Hogfather, the Old Pook
"You still don't get any pie until you clean up that mess you made in the kitchen."
~ Paradigm Pookling, aka Mrs. Claus, Mother Goose, Mama Pook
Mama Pook says, "The hardest thing about this recipe is keeping the Old Pook's hands off 'em till they're done!"

What you'll need:
  • 410g jar fruit mince
  • 100g packet of red (or any colors) glace´ cherries, halved
  • 2-3 sheets frozen short crust pastry, just thawed
  • 1 egg, slightly beaten
  • vanilla bean dusting sugar
  1. Preheat oven to 180°C (or 160°C fan forced). Line a large baking tray with baking paper. Combine fruit mince and cherries in a small bowl. Place pastry on a flat working surface.
  2. Cut out 8.5cm circles with a pastry cutter (I use a drinking glass just the right size) from the pastry sheets. Place 1 glob (a Pookling measure = about 2/3 tbsp, or whatever fits) of mixture into the centre of each pastry round.
  3. Bring up sides of pastry to meet in the middle. Crimp edge to seal (I use a small fork). Brush with egg and place on tray.
  4. Bake for about 15 - 20 minutes or until golden brown. Dust with vanilla bean sugar to serve.
Note that you can add any dried or candied fruit bits to the mixture - be creative!

"I love Solstice Pie!!" ~ Papa Pookling
"You love any kind of pie, silly man. Now you better save some of those for the little pooklings!"
~ Mama Pookling

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The Old Pook


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