Playful Pookling

Playful Pookling is Perennial's little sister, and she'd much rather be playing than doing chores.  Playful can often be found climbing trees in the Pookland forests, or digging in the creek looking for fossils, or swimming in the rift pool with her animal friends, or making mud pies down below the Pookwash near Pookling Falls on the great Twistyroot River.  Playful loves to decorate her hair with whatever treasures she finds on her daily adventures: feathers, leaves, flowers, interesting twigs, or even old bottlecaps.

Just now Playful has heard the clanging of Mama Pook's big bell coming from the Pookaburrow kitchen, which could mean Mama Pook has a new chore for Playful to do, or it might just be some freshly baked cookies or other tasty treats to sample.  But no matter how much she loves to play, Playful can never resist running to find out which it is~ and of course Mama Pook knows this very well.  =:)

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